Multiple Listing System: A personalised Contact for a global Representation.

The Multiple Listing System is a service for property buyers and owners. The MLS is a database that centralizes properties offered on the market by all major professional real estate agents on the Costa del Sol.

Marbella Properties Real Estate is member of the most influential real estate networks and active collaborator of Multiple Listing databases giving the guarantee that your property is made available to trusted and recognized real estate agents.

Marbella Properties Real Estate collaborates actively with over 400 real estate organisations on the Costa del Sol.

Buyers can search at once through thousands of unique property listings using various criteria such as the desired area, type of property, number of bedrooms, price range and so on with the motive to find their dream home here on the Costa Del Sol. Try our advanced search engine for properties for sale in Marbella and the Costa del Sol. Alternatively contact Marbella Properties Real Estate property experts who will assist you with their knowledge and expertise to find you the perfect property in Marbella best locations. You will save your time searching through a central system of properties available in the market.

Property owners benefit from the Multiple Listing System by placing their property on the market through their preferred local agent. Your agent will then market your property through all major professional real estate agencies on the Costa del Sol without the need for you to contact them all. Contact Marbella Properties Real Estate to learn how our experienced agents will sell your property in today’s Marbella real estate market. The Multiple Listing System ensures that each property is marketed only once through the network but promoted by hundreds of real estate agencies on the Costa del Sol ensuring a maximum exposure.

Contact us to find out how the Multiple Listing System can benefit you.

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