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Asociación Contra Cancer Marbella host their Annual Gala for a noble cause

Irena, Gary, María Matías, Santiago Gómez-Villares, Juan José Gomez Castillo, Louise Hazleden, Laurent Coulée

The Asociación Contra Cancer Marbella, held their 2023 annual gala dinner at the enchanted venue of Finca de La Conceptión on the 5th of August. The Gala was a tremendous success raising 300.000€ for regional cancer awareness and support for cancer patients and their families. Exquisite food and first class entertainment was served throughout the evening. Congratulations to the president of AECC Marbella Santiago Gómez-Villares and his dynamic team for organizing such a memorable evening and thank you to Juan José Gomez Castillo, Director of the Marbella law firm GC Asociados for inviting Marbella Properties to this grand event in favor of a noble cause.

A spectacular evening held in the enchanting venue La Finca de La Concepcion, Istan

Have you experienced the ´Blue Mind´?

´Oh we do like to be beside the seaside´ was a popular British music hall song written in 1907 by John H. Glover-Kind, expressing his love of visiting the sea for family holidays. It was composed at a time when yearly holidays to the sea were booming. Fast forward over 100 years – neuroscience research, supported by recent findings in ecology, marine biology and psychology, scientifically prove that being by water is associated with a positive state of mind. That´s right, and this positive association can be triggered by the sight, sound and texture of the water activating the ´Blue Mind´ (Dr. Wallace J. Nichols) which takes us to a positive mental state, as of that when submerged in the water.

Make a splash and activate your Blue Mind

Living by the Mediterranean Sea is officially good for the health. A Blue Mind, relaxed and calm, boosts the immune system making us less prone to virus and bacteria. Salt air of Mediterranean Sea is clean and enriched with vital minerals; salt, iodine and magnesium, promoting respiratory health. These minerals also aid sleep and help reduce depression and anxiety, by preserving the serotonin, melatonin and tryptamine.

Kitesurfing in Marbella

Living by the Mediterranean Sea in Marbella offers endless possibilities for an active, outdoor lifestyle. The sporting options on and in the water range from a pleasurable dip to an endurance swim; from a paddle board to kayak; surf the waves or fly with the wind. Plus with plenty of nautical options available to enjoy in Marbella there is something for everyone. Let´s not forget about fishing and the plethora of fresh seafood readily available along the coast. The fruits of the Mediterranean Sea promote healthy eating benefits. Seafood is filled with nutrients including omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin A and vitamin B, fish is high in protein and is a stable for good brain health.

Seafood Paella, Los Monteros Beach

There is no doubt about it, the lifestyle by the Mediterranean Sea is seriously good for you. Tempted to dip your toe into this healthy lifestyle choice. Here is an up to date selection of beach side properties currently available for sale. Contact us for more details and viewings.

Sunset over the Mediterranean Sea

What´s happening over Christmas on the Costa del Sol?

As Christmas is fast approaching it´s a good time for planning festive activities. Here is some inspiration on where to find Christmas cheer on the coast over the holiday season.

Christmas lights, Calle Larios, Malaga

Christmas Lights in Málaga

Calle Larios is the principal shopping street of Málaga city center and each Christmas famously illuminated by tens of thousands of LED lights. Each year carries a different theme and this year Calle Larios is decorated with 16 magnificent Celestial Angels. Plus 32 columns of lights have been installed along the whole stretch of this grand pedestrian street and the experience a delight for the mind, body and soul.  The side streets of Calle Larios are also beautifully decorated with festive lights, making an evening shopping trip or dinner in Málaga city center extra festive.

Málaga´s Christmas lights are switched on Saturday 26th November at 19:00h. The lights are then switched on daily, Sunday to Wednesday from 18:30h to midnight & Thursday to Saturday 18:30h to 02:00h. With the exception of 24th, 31st December and 5th January when the lights remain lit until 06:00h. During the evening there are 3 sound shows where the lights illuminate to the beat of traditional Christmas carols, Carol of the Bells and Jingle Bell are on this year’s soundtrack. The sound show takes place daily at 18:30h, 20h and 22h (except on 24th and 31st December). The lights are switched off on 6th  January at midnight.

Cirque de Soleil on ice

Cirque du Soleil on Ice

Exciting news that after a period when, due to the global pandemic, the most we could do was watch from the arm chair, the world famous spectacle, Cirque de Soleil is back in Málaga this Christmas with their first ever aerobic performance on ice. The show aptly names Crystal, will present fast and fluid performances by world-class ice skaters and acrobats in a frozen arena, as they defy the laws of gravity with never-before-seen stunts. The show is running from the 10th until 18th December at the Palacio de Deportes, Jose Maria Martín Carpena, Malaga. Find out more information and book tickets through this link:

Christmas lights at The Botanical Gardens La Concepción, Málaga

Christmas Lights at The Botanical Gardens La Concepción,Málaga

Due to its hugely popular success last year The Botanical Garden La Concepción in Málaga will once again host a spectacular light trail across it´s immense grounds. Last year 11,000 visitors were captivated by the beauty and magic of this historical parks enchanting illumination across its stunning grounds. This year a new route of light and colour named ´Stella´ will allow visitors to accompany the Three Wise Men on their magical and surprising journey with the Star of the East. A renovated route of more than 2.2 kilometres in length will be lit by millions of points of light and more than 20 light installations will transport visitors to historic places such as Persia, Babylon and Bethlehem. The attraction starts on November 27th until to January 8th with several time slots for entry per evening. See here for more details:

Monteros Property Services rebrands as Marbella Properties

Monteros Properties Services specialising in the area of Los Monteros Beach has always been part of Marbella Properties® and is now working under the main brand. In effect, nothing will change, professional services to the Los Monteros Beach area will continue through the Marbella Properties® brand. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further details on the real estate services we offer.

Monteros Property Services rebrands as Marbella Properties®

October Dates For Your Diary

Winning artwork representing The San Pedro Feria 2022 by Antonio José Verano from Cadiz

October has arrived and life has nicely settled back into routine, cue a sigh of relief. October is an exciting month on the San Pedro events scene as it´s Feria time! The San Pedro Feria marks the end of the Andalucían Feria season and signals the beginning of milder weather. This year’s Feria week is from 17th to 23rd October. Love it or hate it? Yes it´s noisy but boy, oh boy it´s fun and come on… it´s only once a year. The children adore the attractions and meeting up with friends, rest bite from the fact that school has well and truly kicked back in after a long hot summer.

Making Memories at San Pedro Feria

Over recent years the location of San Pedro Feria has chopped and changed to a dizzying level and last year´s Feria was particularly smaller in scale. Alas, good news is that Marbella Town Hall have announced this year will be the premiere of the new permanent fairgrounds located in the Finca de La Caridad, with an area of ​​81,000 square meters. The full program has yet to be released and days to watch out for include kid’s day with discounted rides and live performances from local artists.

San Perdo Feria fun fun fun

The Feria is packed with food and beverages stalls, activities and rides, thrills for all ages; adrenalin junkies, families taking their small tots on their first carousel and those that enjoy traditional Feria delicacies…. sugar rush anyone. This year´s winning imagine of San Pedro Feria is a work by Antonio José Verano from Cadiz that beat over 36 other artists from all over Spain. The artist links the Andalusian festival and festive elements such as attractions, with the figure of the Patron. During the Feria week note that 19th October is a local Fiesta which may affect the opening hours of government institutions, schools and retail outlets in the Marbella district.