Have you experienced the ´Blue Mind´?

´Oh we do like to be beside the seaside´ was a popular British music hall song written in 1907 by John H. Glover-Kind, expressing his love of visiting the sea for family holidays. It was composed at a time when yearly holidays to the sea were booming. Fast forward over 100 years – neuroscience research, supported by recent findings in ecology, marine biology and psychology, scientifically prove that being by water is associated with a positive state of mind. That´s right, and this positive association can be triggered by the sight, sound and texture of the water activating the ´Blue Mind´ (Dr. Wallace J. Nichols) which takes us to a positive mental state, as of that when submerged in the water.

Make a splash and activate your Blue Mind

Living by the Mediterranean Sea is officially good for the health. A Blue Mind, relaxed and calm, boosts the immune system making us less prone to virus and bacteria. Salt air of Mediterranean Sea is clean and enriched with vital minerals; salt, iodine and magnesium, promoting respiratory health. These minerals also aid sleep and help reduce depression and anxiety, by preserving the serotonin, melatonin and tryptamine.

Kitesurfing in Marbella

Living by the Mediterranean Sea in Marbella offers endless possibilities for an active, outdoor lifestyle. The sporting options on and in the water range from a pleasurable dip to an endurance swim; from a paddle board to kayak; surf the waves or fly with the wind. Plus with plenty of nautical options available to enjoy in Marbella there is something for everyone. Let´s not forget about fishing and the plethora of fresh seafood readily available along the coast. The fruits of the Mediterranean Sea promote healthy eating benefits. Seafood is filled with nutrients including omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin A and vitamin B, fish is high in protein and is a stable for good brain health.

Seafood Paella, Los Monteros Beach

There is no doubt about it, the lifestyle by the Mediterranean Sea is seriously good for you. Tempted to dip your toe into this healthy lifestyle choice. Here is an up to date selection of beach side properties currently available for sale. Contact us for more details and viewings.

Sunset over the Mediterranean Sea